A Summer of Murder

Oliver Bottini

A Black Forest Investigation

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A Summer of Murder
Paperback, ISBN 9780486841656
€ 20.00

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Winner of the German Crime Fiction Award

In this second Black Forest Investigation, Chief Inspector Louise Boni returns from rehab at a Buddhist monastery after the events of the award-winning Zen and the Art of Murder.With a shaky grasp on her newfound sobriety, Boni resumes work with the criminal investigation department. Her first assignment, the probe of a fireman's death while battling the explosion of a secret underground weapons cache, reveals connections to both neo-Nazis and illegal arms dealers from the former Yugoslavia. But the sudden incursion of secret service agents into the scene indicates more far-reaching possibilities. Boni must come to grips with the dark forces behind the hidden munitions, the divided loyalties of a new partner, and the ghosts of her own past while trying to resolve the most challenging case of her career.

''Its plot bristles with invention.'' &; Barry Forshaw, Guardian

''Oliver Bottini is a terrific storyteller and he evokes his setting &; the Rhine borderlands of the Black Forest &; with skill.'' &; Jake Kerridge, Sunday Express

''A Summer of Murder has a plot as surprising as the earlier novel . . . taut writing and pacy events.'' &; Joan Smith, Sunday Times

''An atmospheric, original story that will keep you hooked to the final heart-rending revelations.'' &; Crime Review

''Oliver Bottini, one of the few German authors who play in crime-writing's premier league, really knows how to tell a good story.'' &; Frankfurter Rundschau

''Tension without brutality, local colour without small-minded sentimentality, good, intelligent reading with depth.'' &; Handelsblatt

''It's been a long time since any crime author started out so strongly, so visually.'' &; Die Zeit


  • ISBN
  • 9780486841656
    • Taal
    • Engels
    • Bindwijze
    • Paperback
    • Verschijningsdatum
    • juni 2020
    • Aantal pagina's
    • 432 pagina's
    • Illustraties
    • Nee
    • Vertaald door
    • Jamie Bulloch
    • Originele Titel
    • Im Sommer der Mörder
    • Extra groot lettertype
    • Nee
    • Subtitel
    • A Black Forest Investigation

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