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13 Tales From the Dark

Omslag van 13 Tales From the Dark

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13 Tales From the Dark

Kijk voor '13 Tales From the Dark' bij de volgende boekwinkels:

You will definitely enjoy this frightfully delicious collection of grim short stories, complete with international artists' illustrations! "13 Tales from the Dark" is loaded with chilling Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Time Travel and Ghost stories.

You might ask, What's in store for me? "The Imaginary Friend'' recounts a haunting relationship between a boy and a ghost; a lonely old man is featured in the creepy fantasy ''The Hunchback and the Spider''; invaders from another world arrive in ''The Man in the Log''; a diver's exploration of underwater caverns turns to terror in ''The Secret of Mermaid Lagoon''; slip through time in the psychological mystery ''Crossing Borders'' and dare to solve the mystery-horror tale ''The Trouble With Selfies''.

Further, Thom has devilishly tipped his hat to famous writers of the past including: H. P. Lovecraft (There's Something Out There), Ambrose Bierce (Invitation to Dinner), Ray Bradbury (The Curious Case of the Shrinking Head), Alfred Hitchcock (Picnic Island) and Edgar Allan Poe (To See a Light, Darkly). If you've been keeping count, good for you. The remaining two stories include All the Rest Have Thirty-One (a time-travel odyssey) and Legend of the Golden Masks (a tale of greed).

Now sit back and enjoy, if you dare. There are spine-tingling surprises for everyone.


  • Auteur : Thom Bennett
  • ISBN : 9781999470609
  • Taal : Engels
  • Uitgever : Dark Porch Publishing
  • Uitvoering : E-book
  • Verschijningsdatum : oktober 2019

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