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Night Killers: A Crime Thriller Novel

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Night Killers: A Crime Thriller Novel

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Night Killers is a suspense thriller and police procedural mystery novel by award-winning and bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers.

Trudy Clawson is a homicide detective with the police department in Night, Oregon. She is paired with FBI special agent Daryl Hatcher in pursuit of a diabolical serial killer with the moniker, "The Night Strangler," who has raped and murdered several local women. When a second serial killer emerges targeting men who are shot to death, Clawson and Hatcher must do double duty in their relentless pursuit of the clever unsubs. Complicating matters is the strong chemistry and an ensuing romance between the two investigators, who have both been burned in past relationships and are leery of involvement.

Dawn Whelan is a beautiful psychologist who is stunned when a patient confesses to being part of a gang rape and murder of a teenager twenty years ago named Tessa Katie Crowley. Unbeknownst to the tormented confessor, Tessa happens to be Dawn's half sister who went missing mysteriously, never to be heard from again. Now the truth about Tessa's disappearance has finally come to light. Embittered, Dawn seeks the ultimate revenge against the four rapist-killers.

Kenneth Emery has been addicted to killing for most of his life. He makes no apologies for the homicidal maniac he has fostered over the years, making him the monster he is today. As the Night Strangler, he relishes homing in on unsuspecting lovely ladies, having his way with them and finishing them off with his bare hands, while staying just beyond the reach of the inane authorities.

The two cases turn out to be much more connected than anyone realizes, setting into motion a series of interrelations and heart-pounding events, leading to a dramatic conclusion that will forever turn the quaint Pacific Northwest town of Night upside down.

Bonus material includes excerpts of the author's gripping mystery thrillers, Kauai Killer and Alive in the Rose City, and the tragedy driven relationship novel, A Reason to Live.


  • Auteur : R. Barri Flowers
  • ISBN : 9780463123454
  • Taal : Engels
  • Uitgever : Smashwords Edition
  • Uitvoering : E-book
  • Verschijningsdatum : juni 2019

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