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The Best American Humor Short Stories

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The Best American Humor Short Stories

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Timeless collection of selected American humor short stories. Finding time for reading can often be a difficult task for many people with hectic and busy schedules. Committing oneself to a novel often involves a major investment of time and daily distractions, and tasks interfere with the ability to complete a novel in a timely fashion. Short stories are designed to be read in one sitting. As such, short stories can be easily read on the morning commute, on a lunch break or in the evening. Reading short stories helps to establish a reading schedule or routine. Short stories provide ample opportunities to increase your knowledge about different cultures and different lifestyles. A PIECE OF RED CALICO LUCK PIGS IS PIGS THE EXACT SCIENCE OF MATRIMONY THE RANSOM OF RED CHIEF


  • Auteur : Various Authors
  • ISBN : 9788828321972
  • Taal : en
  • Uitgever : Oldiees Publishing
  • Uitvoering : E-book