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Summary: Ready Player One - Summarized for Busy People

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Summary: Ready Player One - Summarized for Busy People

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This book summary and analysis is created for individuals who want to extract the essential contents and are too busy to go through the full version. This book is not intended to replace the original book. Instead, we highly encourage you to buy the full version.

The year is 2044, and humankind has retreated into the virtual world.

Wade Watts escapes the ugliness of the real world by spending most of the day inside OASIS—the virtual dreamland where you can turn your imagination to reality, the adventure playground where you can visit any of the thousands of existing worlds.

Like all other OASIS users, Wade dreams of finding the Easter egg left by creator James Halliday. Whoever solves Halliday's fiendish riddles and reaches the egg will be granted immense fortune and supreme power in OASIS.

Years pass and millions fail. Over time, players all over the world become erudite of the things Halliday had loved: the 80s pop culture. Among these players is Wade, who is more than happy to simply recite Devo lyrics and play Pac-Man with fellow enthusiasts.

But one day, he comes upon the first Key. Suddenly, the world, which has long been quiet about the Hunt, begins to watch. Thousands of competitors scramble, including a powerful organization that will do anything in order to get to the prize.

For Wade, to survive means to win, but to do so, he will have to stand up and go out into the real world—a place he has long been trying to escape.

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  • Auteur : Goldmine Reads
  • ISBN : 1230001821710
  • Taal : Engels
  • Uitgever : Goldmine Reads
  • Uitvoering : E-book
  • Verschijningsdatum : augustus 2017

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