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THE ROOM WITH THE TASSELS (Murder Mystery Classic)

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THE ROOM WITH THE TASSELS (Murder Mystery Classic)

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This carefully crafted ebook: "THE ROOM WITH THE TASSELS (Murder Mystery Classic)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The Room with the Tassels is a locked room mystery novel with young detective Penny Wise as a star character. With spiritualism and occultism back in fashion, a group of rich and bored New Yorkers decide to find a "real" haunted house, where they will try to investigate the truth or falsity of paranormal activities. They settle on a place called Black Aspens with the infamous room with tassels, up in the wilds of Vermont, which is believed to be haunted ever since the murder occurred there. Things don't go well for the group, as the murders start happening, and it will take the brilliance of Pennington Wise to solve the mystery. Carolyn Wells (1862-1942) was an American writer and poet. Among the most famous of her mystery novels were the Fleming Stone Detective Stories, and Pennington Wise series. She also wrote several Sherlock Holmes stories.


  • Auteur : Carolyn Wells
  • ISBN : 9788026869986
  • Taal : Engels
  • Uitgever : E-Artnow
  • Uitvoering : E-book
  • Verschijningsdatum : november 2016
  • Druk : 1ᵉ druk